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"I installed a set of your reeds in my son's Yamaha outboard. The results were very good, no doubt, withe quicker time to plane, higher top speed and much improved starting. The Boyesen reeds were well worth installing, no question about it and you don't need a dyno to tell the difference."
- Gary A. Volvo Construction Equipement N. America
I've always been skeptical about instant HP gains with bolt-ons, but I can attest to the Boyesen Power X-Wing. The reason I bought it was because of the company reputation, previous product use, independent magazine dyno comparisons & regular people testemonials. On top of that they offer a 100% not satisfied guarantee full refund! I bought the X-Wing and it did everything they advertised and more!! Hell, if it had done 1/2 of advertised I would have been happy!
Just to make sure that I was not just wanting to feel a difference, I took the X-Wing out and had a buddy (that had only ridden my '79 shovelhead once before) ride it for 10-15 min. and had him drive that same route the same way (as in accel / breaking, etc.) and immediately afterward with the X-Wing in. His words were, "Like Night and Day!" I've not gotten a chance to check out the top end power but am sure I'll be happy. No doubt I have gained low & mid range torque, throttle response and complet overall engine smoothness at all RPMs!!! I wish all company's would manufacture and stand behind their products like Boyesen does!!! THANKS!!!!!!
- Doug T. in Minnesota
I would like to just say thanks for a great product and tech support. I just installed your Quick Shot 2. After the easy insallation, I went for a test ride and the differance was immediate!! It's amazing to me that for less than $100.00 I can actually enjoy riding a bike that I had planned to sell because the performance wasn't there. Thanks again and keep up the good work.
- from boyesen.com
The Boyesen QuickStart has been an awesome part for my sons bike. He is 12, so a little small for a 250F and falling in a race and starting the bike has been a nightmare. The QuickStart and customer service from Boyesen has resolved the problems he had... an awesome pert from an awesome company.
- boyesen.com comment
I recently recieved a power X wing for my 2009 yz450f. I finally got a chance to test it out on some tracks that i have ran my yz on in stock form. After installing this X wing I definately noticed a difference in the bikes performance. It gave it better throttle response right off the bottom and more power as well, not only from the crack of the throttle but all the way through the power band as well. I was really impressed with the quickshot that i put on my 06 Honda CRF450, and noticed a HUGE difference in throttle responce and almost eliminating all the bog from it.
- Mike F.
As a 22- year veteran rider, I think I've seen every performance gimmick you could imagine and I give very little credit to most of them. Well - I have a CRF150R that I ride and it had a DANGEROUS bog when cracking the throttle open. This bike was going to get me hurt! I tried everything, rejetting using a 4-gas analyzer on the dyno, recalibrating the accelerator pump, adjusting the leak jet, adjusting the float hight - you name it. Nothing worked! Out of frustration, and on the recommendation of my dealer, I installed one of your Quick Shot accelerator pump covers. I readjusted the fuel screw and off I went. The bog was completely gone!!!! I can not begin to express my gratitude to you for producing such a wonderful aftermarket accessory for the FCR. carburetor. It made my bike run amazingly better, and more importantly SAFER! I still look at most other aftermarket performance parts with suspicion, but when it comes to Boyesen products, you have removed my doubt! You all deserve a pat on the back for engineering a product that not only met, but exceeded expectations! That my friends, is a rare accomplishment.
- Thanks! Skip
My god I'm so glad I finally found Boyesen reeds for my Zuma. I only run Boyesen, the last set has been in my '87 Banshee & going strong for over 20 years. Thanks for making the best!
- S. Hicks
I was at Daytona Biketoberfest and I saw a Boyesen display with a new product (Power X-Wing) that claimed more horsepower. The guys told me how it worked and offered to install it in my 2006 street glide for a test ride. I rolled off a light in first gear and whacked the throttle. My tire started to spin and the bike fish tailed, I went back and laid down the money totally satisfied. The rest of the week I couldn't wait to grab a handful of throttle.
- Fred Martucci
I recently purchased the Rage Cage Power Pack for my 2008 Ski-Doo XP 800R and I have been extremely please with both the levell of service and the quality of product from Boyesen. I can tell you that the claims are true and I am truely a statisfied customer. This product is a great addition for the 800R XP in terms of both power and torque. I am looking forward to any further innovations that Boyesen may have in the future. Thank You!
-Robert Kaminski
Just to let you know I'm riding a Yamaha sx viper mountain and I installed your rad valves and found a huge increase in power difference. Excellent product, better than delta V-force. I would recommend this to anyone.
I’ve been running the Rad Valve for the past two years and love it. Thank you and RAD ON!!
- Curt
I just wanted to say how happy I am with your Power Reeds for the Polaris 400 Scrambler. I just got them in and it runs awesome. I've tried other kinds of reeds in my machine and these have to be the best for my application. Just wanted to say keep up the good work.
-Scott Hess
I am currently running the Power Reeds and they work awesome! My bike ran perfect last weekend and it really helped out. Once I got it jetted correctly for the new reeds and cold weather I noticed a big change in power.
-David Swanson
I just want to thank you all for the great product
-Michael Heiss
Hello, I am using the power reeds for the honda dio moped (part#708) and have tried reeds of many brands and configurations. So far, your reeds are the best. Your staff is very helpful and courteous. Thank you.
- David T. Toba
Every stock reed I've replaced w/Boyesen reeds has always made a positive difference. Some applications made even better w/ small jetting changes. Thanks!!!!!!!!!
- P. Cates
- A. Koch
I purchased a QuickShot and it improved the performance of my WR250F. Before installation I called Tech Support for assistance and wanted to thank the staff for their excellent customer service. It was nice to be able to call and actually speak with a person rather than a voice mail system.
- David Simpson
The Power Reeds I just installed have evened out my scooter's acceleration. My previous reeds, cracked off and left me standing on the side of the road, Anyway, thanks very much for your advice and for the good product!
- Matt Fry
Loved the effect that your Rad Valve had on my 1991 Suzuki RMX 250. So impressed I will write and post a very positive review on your website.
- James Rootsey
I love them my motor is just that bit faster than the stock motor. I pull ahead of my buddy's every time Thanks GREAT PRODUCT
Hi, I got a ‘99 KX 250. I ended up buying new power reeds through Valley Yamaha and I was extremely impressed with them. Thanks a lot.
- Mike
Hi, I noticed the reed cage right away it gave it like 10% more everywhere it was the best thing I could have done to my bike other then engine work to make it go faster thank you for making such a good product. Thanks Again.
- Joey Mcgill
I just purchased a water pump super cooler kit for my 2003 YZ250F. I also purchased a quickshot accelerator pump cover. First off I love the pump cover it made a world of difference. LOVE IT!!!!
- John
I just wanted to drop a quick note to you guys and let you know how impressed I am with the Boyseen quick shot I purchased for my 2004 Honda CRF450. I was very skeptical of the product but in the end I am glad I made the investment. I have always used Boyesen replacement reeds in my two strokes and should have never questioned that your company would advance into the 4 stroke world with great products.
- Allen Wood
I have a 2003 WR250. I've learned to live with the bog but always wished for the throttle response similar to my YZ250. I saw your quickshot accelerator pump cover at the Indy dealer show. I talked with you guys but was not convinced a cover would solve the problem. There are several fixes for this as you know, none of which involve changing the accelerator pump cover.

I broke down and bought the cover a few weeks ago. The weather in Georgia has been miserable the last few weeks so I decided to work on my bike today. I did all of the normal maintenance and saw the cover sitting on my work bench. I installed it and it works! My WR feels like a brand new bike. The first thing I noticed was how easy the bike started. Usually if you touch the throttle when it is cold the bike stalls. I immediately noticed the smooth reaction of the throttle after starting. I took the bike out and there is not a bog anywhere in the throttle range. I did all of the things that would induce the bog but the bike pulled harder than ever before.

Thank you for a great product. As always your advertising claims are true and the product works.
- Jim Little
Once again, it's amazing. I expected a little improvement from a KTM 400EXC when we screwed on the Quick-Shot cover, but of course it was much more than that. The Quick Shot made a TREMENDOUS difference! It's almost as if the accelerator pump on this KTM was not working at all. With the Q-S installed it is a completely different bike, and much more ridable. I'm always amazed at what your simple products can do for the quality output of an engine.
- Paul Clipper

Trail Rider

I would just like to give some input on your SS reeds for my 00 KX 250. I was smoking my oem reeds in 2 hrs the bottom right corner of the reed would just chip away. I have went through 3 sets in 6 hrs,a good size of the reed was missing it was not just a little chip. I believe the new stuffer that they wen't too in 00 caused too much velocity to the bottom right reed. I put a set of your SS stock reeds in, jetting was the same. I had the same performance of the oems,but your SS reeds held tough, I replaced my top end 2 times(100 hrs) before I sold my bike and there was not even a sign of fatigue. I WAS VERY IMPRESSED! I have dealt with your customer service before, and it is nothing short of being professional. Every company in the motocross industry should take note on how to treat customers like the Boyesen company!!!!!!!!-!!!!! Regards,
- Keith LoCastro
From Rio Rancho New Mexico Andrew has used Power Reeds for over Three Years He made vast improvements in his lap times, and continues to pull great hole shots on his 2004 KTM Pro Senior. The Horse Power and increased, Performance is unequaled
- Robert Santa Maria
Excellent quality, gives a big kick in the low end, would recommend this inexspensive hop-up
- E. Davis
This thing really works!!! It makes my low end hit harder and more responsive. It also stops the leak from the crappy stock flange. I recommend this to anyone with a late model CR250.
- Robert Naylor
These reeds worked great and increased my top speed by 4mph. I will be buying for all of my outboards and would definitely recommend to all.
- Shaun
Amazing throttle response. Thank you. I will recommend to all customers.
- Brian Rogers
I installed these reeds in my XR-6 when it was 2 months old. What a difference they made smooth idle, killer acceleration and no worries about eating a steel valve and ruining a motor. I run the heck out of my Merc, and still have the same reeds in it to this day with no problems!!! They are the best!
- Leon Park Chief Engineer Celebrity Resorts, Reno, Nevada
Your 433 reeds fit my 1985 DT65 3 cylinder. I just outfitted my 1985 DT65 and followed your installation procedures to the note. This motor has never performed so well. I gained somewhere in the neighborhood of 300 rpm and went from 35 mph to 40 mph. I really noticed the difference in the sound at high rpm. I am very pleased with these reeds. I also am much more comfortable knowing that if they break that they won't distroy my power head. In 1987 one of my stock reeds broke and I had to replace the power head.
- Robert Zonfrello
Night and day from the stock reeds. Very responsive after install. A lot more torque.
- Matt LaRiviere

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