Performance Reeds


Is your observed Trials bike hard to start? Have you checked it’s reeds for wear lately? Boyesen’s selection of Power Reeds offers smart performance gains with ongoing product development bringing newly revised materials and designs to our existing reed products. Our RC2 Series Power Reeds are designed to be even more potent and durable and remain as one of the more approachable and most effective upgrades available for your 2-stroke trials bike. With an application that spans decades, select from our comprehensive line of Power Reeds for Vintage Yamaha TY, Fantic Section, Beta TR series machines from the 1980’s as well as applications for most modern models spanning from the mid 1990’s to most of the models and displacements from Beta Rev3, Beta EVO, Gas Gas TXT, TRRS ONE, Sherco 2T, Montesa 315R, Scorpa Easy and Scorpa TY models.